• British Columbia now has the toughest laws against drunken driving and excessive speeding in all of Canada. The penalties for blowing a blood alcohol reading over .05% have substantially increased. Fines range anywhere from $600.00 to over $4000.00!!! Additionally, if someone is caught going over 40 kilometers per hour over the speed limit, he or she can face a vehicle impound of seven days. See the further information from the BC Government website.

  • Many people are concerned and confused because of the new laws. Restaurants and bars are reporting a marked drop in sales; clients are reporting they have resorted to tee-totaling. The biggest dilemma for most people regarding a night out is, "How am I going to get the car home?" or, "Who isn't going to drink?" If you don't have to worry about that any more, all the people in your party can actually relax and enjoy your evening out or special event. No need to keep counting drinks all night or timing how often you have one and still wondering whether you will be over limit. Who needs to spend a great night out "calculating"? Many of us do enough of that at work. Relax. Get A Go Go has you covered.

  • Get A Go Go comes right to where you are: bar, restaurant, hall or house party.  Give us a call 250-244-3456 about a half hour before you want to leave and we will dispatch a team that will take you and your car home.


  • Get A Go Go dispatchers really know the city. They have driven "real life" out there and know how long it realistically takes to get somewhere. Within a very few minutes, the time they tell you a driver team will arrive will be the time you see them. We at all times strive to keep your wait time to an absolute minimum.

  • Get A Go Go drivers are all very carefully screened professionals. We require drivers abstracts on file, minimum 7 years driving experience and good people skills. They will treat your vehicle with the total respect it deserves. Our drivers are well versed in all types of vehicles including diesel and manual transmissions.

  • With flat rates starting as low as $20, the cost of the Get A Go Go service is highly cost competitive with a one way taxi ride. For that cost, you not only arrive home safely but so does your vehicle. You could have taken a taxi safely home, but then what? You would still have been faced with the dilemma of how to get your car back home the next day. That would either have meant taking a bus, another taxi trip from your house to where you left your vehicle or admitting your car had too much to drink and finding someone to run you back to where you left your vehicle. With Get A Go Go this has already been looked after for you. No more hassles. You can get on with other more important things.