Senior Companionship

 Care and Assistance

 For the safety of our beloved Senior clients we are suspending service during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Coming to this decision was very difficult.  We have built strong relationships and could not live with ourselves if we unwittingly transmitted something that could be deadly.  Thank you for your understanding.

  Get a Go Go has been keeping people safe since 2010.  We are now offering service to our valued community members in the golden years.

  We know that your independence is paramount to you but sometimes you might not feel up to driving yourself.  Let us drive you!  No need to call an expensive cab wondering who might be transporting you, and who can't accompany you into the store or clinic. 
 We have professional and screened drivers who will get you there safely and accompany you to your appointments if you wish!  Let us carry your groceries. run in to drop off your prescriptions and what have you.  We value the relationships we develop with our clients--we treat you like royalty, or so Mrs. J tells us! We go above and beyond -every time!

Give us a call to discuss your personal needs, and see how we can help! 250-244-3456

Services we provide:
  • Personal Drivers. Transport in the comfort of your own car, or ours for errands and appointments, and polite companionship and aid in completion of your tasks.
  • Senior Companionship and Shuttle to medical appointments.  Billed hourly.
  • Post surgical driving, drive yourself to the appointment and we will pick you up when you are released. Or have us drive both ways and be your companion as you recover. We can even keep family updated if you wish.
  • Keyholder/responder for Lifeline (and other personal alarms)
  • Security system alarm response
  • Well being checks
  • Picking up and delivering of comfort items in the event of hospitalization.
Rates starting at $30/hr (out of town trips will have mileage too)

Call us to discuss your personal needs  We can customize a plan or schedule that suits you! 

 Need us?  Call us.