Not Only For People Worried About Driving Drunk...

Most people, when they hear the term "designated driver", immediately think "drinking & driving". There are of course many other situations where you simply cannot drive your car safely and might have need of a designated driver. To name but a few:

  • You are going in for day surgery, don't want to bother someone or cannot find someone to drive you to your appointment and/or pick you up. Get A Go Go could be at the hospital at your release time and take you and your vehicle home.

  • You have shown up for an eye exam and did not know you would be given given drops to dilate your pupils, which impairs your vision to the point where you cannot legally drive. Unless you specifically agree not to drive, the eye specialist will not carry through with the appointment. No need to cancel the appointment and wait weeks for another; Get A Go Go can be there to pick you up within a few minutes of your phone call that your appointment is finished and get both you and your vehicle safely home. Ask the receptionist to give us a call!

  • You have a medical appointment and are given medication which makes you feel sleepy or could otherwise hinder your ability to drive. Why take the chance?

  • You have difficulty making the time to either drop your vehicle off to a service shop or pick it up. Get A Go Go can fully look after that for you.

  • You are moving and have a rented moving truck and other vehicles loaded with freight and nobody left to drive the car. Call Get a Go Go!

  • You need your vehicle shuttled to another location but simply can't get around to it yourself.
  • The weather has suddenly turned bad and you just plain don't feel like driving home in that.

  • You have become fatigued or are otherwise feeling unwell (nausea, pains, etc.) and do not feel safe to drive.

Here at Get A Go Go, we are more than pleased to help out with any situations where you need someone else to drive your vehicle. Give us a call at 250-244-3456

We are much more than night owls...


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