Post Surgical & Medical Appointment Valet 
Since 2010 Get a Go Go has been safely getting people home when they can't.  We are no strangers to picking up at Optometrist offices after dilation drops have been administered , from the ER after drugs have been given that makes driving unsafe to operate their own vehicle or after our customers have had day surgery.   There is no reason to cab both ways!  Drive yourself in the comfort of your own vehicle and we will pick you up afterwards.  
How is works:  

 Most medical appointments are 2 person teams

Day Surgery:  Give us a call a few days before you are scheduled to make sure we have a team of drivers available for your day.  Report to the Hospital at your appointed time.  When asked by the nurse whom is taking you know let them know you have arranged for GET A GO GO to transport you.  While you are in recovery your nurse will give us a call to let us know it's almost time for you to go.  Your driver will report to the day surgery nurses station.  Your nurse will deliver you into our care.   We will escort you down from the surgical ward.  If your car is parked a distance a way we will fetch it to the door (while the other driver waits with you).   We will safely drive you home.  Your driver will accept payment and help you in to your house if desired.  If you are feeling well enough your driver will leave with the accompanying chase car.  

Optometrist/Ophthalmologist:  Give us a call before your appointment to let us know the day and time you are scheduled for.  These appointments can vary in length the receptionist should be able to give you an estimate.  Drive yourself to your appointment.  About a a half hour before your appointment it to end the receptionist can give us a call and we will dispatch a team.  Your driver will come and get you from the office and drive you home safely.

Emergency/Urgent Care:  No one ever plans to end up in the ER or urgent care! If you have driven yourself to the ER sometimes treatment is such that it is unsafe for you to drive yourself.  Hospital Personnel may not release you until you have a safe ride home.  That is where we come in.  Give us a call (or have a nurse do it) we will get to you as soon as we can.  One driver will stay with you while the other brings your car to the door for your safety and comfort.  We can even drop off a prescription for you if needed or stop at a Medical supply store for crutches, walkers etc.  We will get you settled safely at home.  If needed we can even go fetch your prescription for you.  We care about your comfort.  

HOURLY RATES:  If you are unable to drive yourself to and from your appointment you can call and book a driver at hourly rates starting at $30* Out of town appointments may have a mileage surcharge. Shuttle rates may be applicable depending on the service being performed.  

Go Go Medical Transport rates

  • $17 service fee plus mileage*  and $2.40/km*.

  • Prescription drop off $10

  • Prescription Pick up & Delivery  $2.40/km  plus the cost of drugs (if ready right after drop off)

  • For pre-booked calls, $1.00 per minute wait time (if not ready to go at agreed to time).

  • No extra charge for stop at an ATM (bank machine). (We accept cash and credit cards in the car)

 *2KM minimum     Prices do not include GST

Our phones are answered day and night! 

 Need us?  Call us. We will always do our best!


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