Get a Go Go

 We get you and your car home safely when you can't!



  Driver Service

So, how does this all work? 

About a half hour before you are ready to Get A Go Going home, give us a call at: 

or call toll free

A cheerful voice will ask you a few questions to help us serve you more efficiently and dispatch a team of professional drivers to your location. 

Your team will give you a confirmation phone call and let you know when they will arrive at your destination! So keep your phone handy as to not miss your ride and so when you know to return to your vehicle! 

Your designated driver will arrive wearing a uniform so you easily know you are in safe and capable hands.

The other member of the team will either follow shortly behind in a "chase" car to pick up your driver at the other end when you reach your destination or may actually be waiting at your final destination instead, depending on where you came from.

When you arrive at your destination, your driver will collect payment,  issue a receipt if you require, and return your keys to you. 

TRIVIA TIDBIT...Did you know Get a Go Go's name was inspired by P.D. Eastman's "Go Dog Go" published as a Dr. Suess book as Random House Book in March 1961?!  It was a childhood favourite of the owner of the company--and Jamie Lee Curtis! HUH?!

*Our drivers are paid by commission. Tips are encouraged and most greatly appreciated; 100% of all tips go to the drivers. 

Go Go DD Rates

  • $17 service fee plus mileage*  and $2.40/km*.

  • Fast Food runs  and extra stops $1/min wait time

  • For pre-booked calls, $1.00 per minute wait time (if not ready to go at agreed to time).

  • No extra charge for stop at an ATM (bank machine). 

 *2KM minimum     Prices do not include GST

Use Google Maps to get an idea of how far your trip will be. 

 Alternately feel free to call for an estimate! 
Our phones are answered 24/7! 

 Need us?  Call us.


1-877-424-3456 toll free