We are open EVERY night for your safety

Designated Driving hours:

 Sunday-Thursday 6:00pm-2:00 (ish*)

Friday and Saturday 6:00pm-3:00 (ish*)

Do you know ahead of time that you will need us outside of these hours?  Give us a call and we will make arrangements! 

* This is the earliest we close.  If the phone is ringing, we are still getting you home past these hours.  Saturday and Sunday afternoons we can get driver's to you too

By calling our service we recognize and respect that you are being socially responsible and we will treat you with utmost respect and professionalism.

 We get you and your car home safely when you can't!



  Driver Service


So, how does this all work? 

About a half hour before you are ready to Get A Go Going home, give us a call at: 


Our dispatcher will ask you a few questions and dispatch a team of drivers to you. One will drive you safely in the comfort of your own vehicle and the other will follow.  You may pay by cash or credit card.  

*Our drivers are paid by commission. Tips are encouraged and most greatly appreciated; 100% of all tips go to the drivers. 

Go Go DD Rates

  • $30 includes your first 5kms $2.65 each additional kilometer

  • Fast Food runs and extra stops $1/min wait time

  • No extra charge for stop at an ATM (bank machine) so you can pay cash. 


Use Google Maps to get an idea of how far your trip will be. 

We do reserve the right to refuse service.  Mistreatment of driver's will NOT be tolerated, this includes but is not limited to verbal abuse, sexual advances and refusal to pay.  Driver's may also refuse to drive a vehicle which is in poor repair, or if driving conditions are unsafe.